Oidhche le Taigh-Stàile Eilean Thiriodh – An Evening with Isle of Tiree Distillery

Blasad de Tyree Gin agus Hebridean Pink Gin, Cuairt tro Thaigh-Stàile Eilean Thiriodh agus Cèol

Tyree Gin & Hebridean Pink Gin Tasting, Virtual Isle of Tiree Distillery Tour and Tunes

Blasad de na sineubharan aig Taigh-Stàile Eilean Thiriodh: Tyree Gin agus Hebridean Pink Gin. Bidh an sineubhar air a phostadh a-mach dhuibh ro-làimh le fiosrachadh mu dheidhinn nan tonics agus nam measan a tha ag obair le gach sineubhar. Às dèidh nan deochan, bidh cuairt air-loidhne tron Taigh-Stàile agus port, dannsa agus òrain airson crìoch a chur air an oidhche!

Enjoy a virtual tasting of both of Tiree Distillery’s current gin expressions: Tyree Gin and Hebridean Pink Gin. These will be posted out to all of those joining the evening and information on suggested tonics and garnishes will be provided too. After the tasting, a virtual tour of the distillery will take place before a tune, a dance and a song to finish the night!

Tiocaid: £15

2 x 50ml Miniatures (Tyree Gin and Hebridean Pink Gin), posted to your home address
Information on suggested Tonic and Garnishes
Virtual Tasting
Virtual Distillery Tour
A Mini Concert
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Oidhche le Taigh-Stàile Eilean Thiriodh